Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

This was a week long activity this year. We got our tree up on December 1st. Quite an accomplisment for us. Christmas dinner was at our house this year. We invited Don and Judy (Kittra's dad and stepmom) to join us. That was special for us...Thanks for coming Don and Judy. Also invited were Chris and Carol....and daughter Ali. We had 26 for dinner. After dinner and before gifts some of us went caroling around part of our housing complex. Several families really liked it and the KIDS HAD A BLAST!

My pictures are posted at

April has her pictures posted also. Monday the group that did not have to go to work went a played in the snow. Some of those pictures are on April's picture site, at:

Nanci's Christmas pictures are posted.....Includes her pictures at her grandkids home.