Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cameron and Kittra are ENGAGED

It happened Friday night, DEC 29, 2006 at Morton's Restaurant. It was family gathering and was a TOTAL suprise to Kittra. Everyone else knew it was going to happen. Kittra's parents and grandparents were there along with my parents and Tricia and I......Oh yeah, some their best freinds, Carol and Chris. It was awesome! She was soooo suprised. No date yet. Below are 11 of the best pictures that I took. When I get pictures from others, I will post the best.



Your baby boy is getting married! That's exciting that all your kids will be married.

Nikkorasu said...

I can't believe it! All the Smith's are just about married. :) Where has the time gone? Wasn't it yesterday when we were playing with MicroMachines and duckin' frisbees that Aaron was throwing at us?