Sunday, December 03, 2006

Smith & Western Ranchette

My parents are doing fine in their new bunkhouse. Things are getting put away and organized. heir computer is hooked up but not on DSL, yet. That is coming soon. Here are some pictures of the new homestead, from the last few days. They are really happy with this decision to move. Dad is really excited not to have stairs anymore. Will post some more pictures as they become available.
A view of the front from the pictures when it was for sale.

Mom checking out the front view, from the living room.

Dad says this is close as he can get to KISSING the ground.

The new chuckwagon is small but functional. Holds at least 2!

Important stuff getting put away.

The view from the living room to Kitchen and dining room.

Nanci helping

Where's all the rest of the stuff?

Dad checking out the emails thye missed while moving up to Chico.

This hutch is soon to turn into an entertainment center.

Some of Mom's prettys!

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